Welcome to the Restoration Church

Based in Coleshill, near Birmingham, UK, the Restoration Church is a centre to see Christians  draw closer to Jesus, to fulfil their calling in Him, and to become the people of God that we are called to be.

The Restoration Church is a place of discipleship, teaching, ministry, and above all, a centre of seeking God and  prayer. Our desire is to see His church grow deeper in their relationship with Him, and walk in the reality of Him.

Our church meetings are open to anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with Him,  and who wants to go further in their personal walk with Jesus. Our main meeting is on Saturday evenings in Coleshill. We also have midweek prayer meetings, and a weekly online teaching conference. All meetings are open to anyone of any denomination or church background, and our teaching is available to support people wherever they are. See our calendar for meeting times and details.

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